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Residential Collection


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The Solid Waste Department begins the day bright and early! To ensure collection, all trash containers must be on the street clearly visible to collection personnel by 6:00 a.m. on collection day. Customers must use legal containers no larger than 34 gallons, not weighing more than 60 pounds, with handles and tight fitting lids. All broken, damaged, or improper containers will be replaced by the customer.

All ashes must be water-soaked in a separate 5-10 gallon metal container at least 48 hours prior to pickup. This will prevent fires at your residence and in the District trash trucks. Dry ashes that have been sitting for days/weeks will still be treated as hot ashes because our crews do not know how long the ashes have been sitting and when dry ashes are dumped they blow up into the eyes, noses and mouths of our refuse collectors.

Items not acceptable for collection: dead animals, metal objects, rocks, dirt, concrete, asphalt, tires, paint, motor oil, or any other household hazardous/toxic waste, carpet, TV's and computer monitors. Our drivers will be happy to answer any questions on what the do's and don'ts of our residential collection.