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Temporary dumpsters are available for rental.

  • Our dumpsters hold 3 cubic yards.
  • Depth: 42 ½"​​
  • Length: 72"​
  • Rear Height: 49"

Dumpster with wheels are very limited.

FEES: The monthly fee will not be prorated, for example, if the dumpster is delivered on February 1 and removed February 28, (kept for the entire calendar month) or delivered on February 15 and removed February 20, (used for 5 days during the calendar month), the cost is the same. Currently, the monthly rental fee is $246.01, the delivery charge is $20.00 and both must be paid in advance. To continue month-to-month usage, the new month's charges are due in the office by the 25th (see removal).

Please contact our office at (909) 585-2565 to rent a temporary dumpster.