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Placement:  Temporary dumpster sites must be approved prior to placement. Following approval of the site, and items for disposal, the customer must prepay the dumpster rental and complete the application. Dumpsters may not be moved from the approved location except by District personnel. Moving to an unapproved location may result in removal of the dumpster and forfeiture of fees paid.

Fees:  1-yard temporary dumpsters can be rented by week or calendar month. Following completion of the application and payment of fees, the dumpster will be scheduled for delivery the next regular business day. Single-use dumpsters will be removed the same day of the week they are delivered. To continue week-to-week usage, the new week’s charges are due in the office the day before removal.
Weekly Rental:  $50                        Calendar Month Rental:  $163.90

Removal: The District will automatically schedule removal of a weekly rental on the same day of the week the dumpster was delivered following the prepaid rental term.  Calendar month rentals will automatically be scheduled for removal for the last working day of the month. If continuous service is desired, payment for consecutive weeks or months must be paid before the removal day. On, or following, the removal day, a new application and payment of rental fees will be required to re-establish 1 yard dumpster service.

Please contact our office at (909) 585-2565 to rent a single-use dumpster.

1 Yard Dumpster Specifications
Depth: 32"
Length: 72"
Height: 32"
Dumpsters with wheels are very limited.

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