• Welcome to Big Bear City

    Welcome to Big Bear City

    The Community Services District (CSD) is here to serve Big Bear City residents with quality services. We provide residents with over the phone support, easy billing, community maps, trash pick-up, water, sewer and a Board of Directors to oversee and interact with community members at large.
  • Keeping Our Water Clean

    Keeping Our Water Clean

    Providing quality water to the customers of Big Bear City Community Services District is important to us. Our system is comprised of water mains, vertical wells, sealed springs, horizontal wells, and storage reservoirs. Details about where your water comes from, what it contains and how it compares to State standards is available in our Annual Water Quality Report.
  • Secure Trash Guidelines

    Secure Trash Guidelines

    All improved properties within the District are provided household trash collection services. Please be sure your trash cans are set out for collection by 6:00 am the morning of regular weekly pickup. Legal containers may be plastic or galvanized. They must have handles, tight fitting lids, and be no more than 34 gallons, with a maximum filled weight of 60 pounds.
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Sewer District Brings Big Ideas to a Small Community


Every wastewater system is unique: Age, geography, pipe materials, rehab methods, and climate all shape infrastructure over time. But even in the diverse landscape of American utilities, some systems stand out.

 Big Bear, Calif., is one of these outliers. The sewer department for this unincorporated community in San Bernardino County supports just a portion of the local wastewater service, but its work frequently takes it off the beaten path. Its residents live in the mountains, and the small wastewater management team spends its days venturing along mountain roads and through unlikely easements. One of its CCTV systems operates out of a Polaris UTV that can drive into the forest, where there are no trails — let alone roads — to support regular maintenance and inspection. With seven pump stations in the district, many constituents rely on gravity to ensure steady drainage.

A unique approach
Big Bear City Community Services District Sewer Department has also taken a unique approach to managing its wastewater system. While many communities across the United States spent the last few decades operating with policies of react and repair, the department has always prioritized preventative maintenance..........

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